How to Celebrate Ramadan Mindfully & Sustainably

Ramadan is that time of the year for spiritual focus, rejuvenation, and much-needed self-reflection. It is a perfect time to look back on your habits, routines, and lifestyle, and think about how these might have evolved over time. Maximum waste during this time occurs during Iftar meals (breaking fast). It’s not difficult to be mindful of the effects of our actions on the environment and on our surroundings this Ramadan. Thus, you can use this wonderful time to practice kindness not just to yourself, but also towards mother nature!

Here are some useful tips on how you can bring about a conscious and mindful environmental change that helps not just you, but also those around you:


Reduce food waste during Ramadan:

With the hunger during the day, we sometimes tend to over cook and make too many things that we won’t realistically eat. The staggering statistics show that food waste during Ramadan increases by 30% in the UAE. Here’s how you can avoid food waste.

  • Plan your meals in advance so that when you’re doing your groceries, you aren’t over buying things you won’t need
  • Buy local and seasonal produce to reduce the carbon emission of transport and storage
  • Try to go grocery shopping after having a meal
  • Reuse the packaging for other food storage or even creative projects.



Green Eid Gifts:

Eco-friendly Eid Gifts can include locally produced items or gift vouchers of sustainable brands. Here are some examples of some eco-friendly gifts to brighten the day of your loved ones!


  • A houseplant to improve the indoor air quality of the home
  • Reusable personal items like a tote bag, coffee mug, water bottle, etc.

You usually find these local businesses in craft markets or online in Etsy where you can choose the shipping city!



Plastic-free Ramadan:

This month is about challenging ourselves to be better, to endure new things, and to improve our habits. So going plastic free or minimizing the use of plastic will be very fitting.


  • Use a refillable water bottle to take along! If you don’t love the taste of tap water, you can add mint, cucumber or lemon slices to refresh the water
  • Get vegan food wraps to cover your leftovers instead of plastic covers
  • Use glass, wooden or metallic utensils and containers which will make a huge difference to the planet, and it’s much more aesthetically pleasing
  • Keep a tote bag handy in your handbag just in case you are getting Iftar or Suhoor groceries
  • Pack reusable cutlery in a pouch and take it with you to places where disposable cutlery is used


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Written by Pooja Devaraj.